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Email hacked multiple times

Question asked by hacked2pieces on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by cdearborn

I'm at my wits end - in the last couple months my shaw email has been compromised 3 times. Each time I have been made aware of the problem by getting notifications of undeliverable messages I never sent.


* I've changed my password each time, but that only buys me a couple weeks of peace (the last one was over 20 characters long in a random string of numbers, upper/lowercase letters, and symbols - and unique to this account).


* I run full virus scans on all my devices daily - I'm clean as a whistle.


* I don't open unknown attachments or click unsolicited links seen in phishing scams.


* I don't believe this is just a case of 'spoofing' as I recognise all of the addresses that appear in the mailer-daemon messages.


* I can't make use of the tips for Outlook as I don't use that program. I use the android email app that came with my Samsung Note 8 and the default app for Windows 10.


What can I possibly do???? (At this point, would it be possible to delete this compromised address but forward any messages that still get sent to it on to my new address?)