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How to connect to NAS through Motorola SBG6782

Question asked by masayu on Jul 15, 2016
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I am using Motorola SBG6782 combo cable modem / Wi-Fi router for my Internet 30 plan.  Now I want to make use of my old Asus RT-N16 with Tomato firmware as a NAS server to feed to my Apple TV wired directly to the Motorola.


From what I gather, the Motorola modem cannot be put into bridge mode so it's not an option to use the Asus router directly.  I want faster access to the NAS with a wired connection so I turned off the Wi-Fi radio on Asus, connect the WAN port of the Asus to the LAN port of the Motorola.  I also assigned a static IP ( to the Asus router.


WALL --> Motorola Modem / WiFi router (LAN port) --> (WAN port) Asus RT-N16 with External HD


With USB / NAS and File Sharing enabled, I managed to mount the volume from my external HD in my Finder on my MacBook Pro only if I have a wired connection directly to the Asus router.  Now, how can I access the NAS if I connect to the network wired or wirelessly?


I have search around a lot and this is as far as I can get.  Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.