Super Channel 3 and 4

Discussion created by bostonbob on Jul 1, 2016
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Every time I phone Shaw I like to ask the CSR a quick question about Super Channel so I guess I'll ask it here too - when will Shaw finally add SC3 and SC4 in HD ???? It seems pretty silly to have SC1 and SC2 in HD but not SC3 and SC4. I know that Super Channel only made SC3 and SC4 available in HD about 2 years ago but Shaw really should have added them by now. It's kind of hard justifying paying the same $ 18/month rate for Super Channel despite only getting 2 HD channels instead of the 4 HD channels you get with Movie Central ( now The Movie Network ). I have filled out the " Channel Request " form ( a few times ) but no luck so far. Anybody here know anything about SC3 and SC4 finally getting added to Shaw's HD line-up ?????