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Packet Loss = Line Signal Issues?

Question asked by emkoemko on Jul 7, 2016
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I've been experiencing packet loss for a few months, intermittently at peak 20-30% , in early June it became the worst and we now get total loss of connection but several minutes of 60-90% loss before it cuts out momentarily and resets. After doing some trace routes we noticed the packet loss was happening locally on our end, and further research suggested upstream noise issues.


I am very reluctant to call Shaw, as i usually believe the issue is fixable and something I caused in the first place. Finally after months of frustration I complained to Shaw on twitter, a rep told me about possible line signal issues. Which confirmed what we thought it could have been. I have a service tech coming out to see what our issue is (Wednesday), but is it possible for someone to provide our modem signal strength results in the meantime?



Cable modem signal strength

I see this user was offered such in January.


Additionally, if you do see our signals are there anything we can do before our service date? We rely on our internet for work with regular video conferences and internet voice communication. I would be willing to try anything to improve the situation or resolve it entirely before Wednesday.


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