How to cancel HDPVR 'record a series'

Discussion created by shrimpie on Jun 29, 2016
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So my sr citizen pal got her HDPVR and I told her how to record a series of the same program. She chose to record BBC World News at 8pm each night. But when she checked PVR & scheduled recordings, it had not just programmed BBC World News AT 8 PM EACH night but every bloody BBC World News throughout the day. Pretty much on the hour every hour. YIKES!


I tried a few options to delete them but all it would do was delete the individual selected program. Gawd knows there may be 100s of these scheduled to be recorded and deleting them one-by-one is NUTS!


So surely the Gateway HDPVR has a way to delete an entire series of the same program easily. Please advise. Thanks.