Internet Packet Loss

Discussion created by rjkboyle@shaw.ca on Jul 11, 2016
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I've noticed a fairly pertinent issue with the internet connection at my parents house, especially when using services such as Skype or Facetime which seems due to packet loss. They are a full Shaw customer (Phone, TV, Internet) with about 6 set top boxes. They've had multiple technicians out for signal strength/quality etc before but apparently there is still problems with the internet.


Over the last day loss has been sitting at around 5% which is a pretty severe amount.


For the last few days you can see there are huge latency spikes and the loss is very consistently un-consistent.


For contrast here is a different shaw location in a neighbouring city I have statistics on.


And better yet a Comcast cable link in the US.


Is this something you guys can look into from your end and see if there is a solution. I don't believe there is any inline splitters or anything which should be causing the problem on the customer end of the cabling.