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WideOpen 150 Low Speed Cancellation or Downgrade?

Question asked by 0x0 on Jul 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by geopro1

Hello there,


Last year I was offered a promotional price to upgrade from Shaw 30 Mbps (Always stable at 32 Mbps) to Shaw 60 Mbps in my old place and I accepted. Long story short, it never reached 60 Mbps at all! I only got around 40-42 Mbps maximum.


This weekend Telus workers were knocking doors offering free Fiber Optic Internet installation and 1 free week trial of their 150 Mbps download / 30 Mbps upload internet service, with such deal I accepted the installation and trial week...


I noticed this new WideOpen 150 Mbps from and I would be happy to commit for the 2 years promo contract ONLY IF the speed they advertise is 100% delivered, I wouldn't want to slave for 2 years and only get half or less of the 150 Mbps speed.


Question is: In the case of signing the contract and no getting the speed advertised (even after modem changes, technician coming in and so on), would I be able to cancel the service without paying the $15/month times X months left fee? Or, would I be able to keep the 2 years contract but downgrade to Shaw 30 Mbps and downgrade the price to match Shaw 30 Mbps current rate?


Thank you