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Motorola DCX 3400-M Resolution Question

Question asked by mlansky on Jul 12, 2016
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New to the forum here and recently purchased a Shaw Motorola DCX-3400-M box off of Kijiji. Love the box but it says it only goes to 1080i resolution not 1080p. I called Shaw and the tech I spoke with says this particular box has the capabilities of 1080p resolution. In January of this year, I bought a 4K Panasonic TV with a 4K upscaler cable. My question is even if the highest resolution setting that I can set it to is 1080i on the box will it still upscale to 1080p if the box says it has 1080p capabilities? Sorry if this is confusing and I hope my question came across correctly. I just want to know if I'm getting the optimal picture quality of out my new TV.


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