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Motorola DCX-3400-M PVR, Expander Capacity Limitations, >2TB?

Question asked by chilcoot on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by budsgirl

Hi, This question has probably been asked, but I couldn't find a conclusive answer on teh previous discussion boards.


I have a Motorola DCX-3400-M PVR, currently running a Iomega expander I bought from Shaw, but it keeps getting filled up, I'd like to increase storage capaity to 3 TB, or more, LaCie makes some external hardrives with eSata connection. I read that some people had problems getting this to work using a LaCie 4TB, and someone indicated the largest that the DCX-3400 can handle is a 1TB.

Some other people also indicated was that the larger external HD's had multiple partitions, and you had to turn it into "one" partition in order to get it to work with a PVR.



1. Has anyone got a better understanding of the limitations of the DCX-3400 expander capacity?

2. Has anyone got anything like a 2TB expander or greater to work with this unit?


I'd hate to buy a new external HD and find it doesn't work.


Thanks for any help.






PS, I know the new Gateway models have higher expander capacity, but I hate the new Shaw menu/interface, drives me insane!