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ok heres one for you.

Question asked by hyperlynx on Jul 23, 2016
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i'm visiting a friends place and connected to the shaw wifi and i try to load one of my websites and access our outlook web access. what to i get but server not found odd i say. so i start thinking ok whats going on with my web server.. so i check our other hosted sites which are at the same location and they work.. hmm ok odd. so i connect to the same wifi with my ipad and iphone and it connects. so i start thinking its my laptop right. so i try his. and it wont connect either. but his phone i try one more test phone up my partner and have her test from her office in another city and its fine... oh and i can accees our mail servers from the phones and its getting the mail out and in.. hmm im stumped.

i have also tried it wired as well...