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Just had Shaw installed today and noticing some problems

Question asked by tbjeff on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by kevinds

So I just had shaw installed today. From what I was told the 10 days to cancel starts when you sign the contract (ordered in person at shaw building) and since it took 4 days to get installed and then today itself I have 5 days left to try and resolve these issues as I don't want to deal with them for two years. Gaming is the main thing I do and while 150 down is great for multiple people streaming media and downloading 50GB games quickly, latency is one of the most important things for a good online gaming experience and after having Shaw for one day, so far its not delivering.


First thing I noticed is my ping to Seattle is very high when connecting to Choopa game servers. on DSLReports ping test it shows Seattle as 33ms min (2.8ms +PDV) but to choopa servers its 90-100+. Doing a tracert shows Shaw's Washington server at 33 ping but then the next hop is suddenly 74 ping. Looking the IP up through pingplotter and iplocaiton shows the connection is in California and then goes back up to Seattle to connect to Choopa servers. Current games I'm playing doesn't put me in Seattle since not enough people populate the server but games that have server browsers usually have the lowest ping in Seattle compared to Chicago and further east or down south by LA.


Second thing is the ping is inconsistent. Normally with Telus I saw 2-8ms bitters but my connection is jumping 20ms+. On CoD: Bo3 for PC the main server I get put on is Chicago/Elk Grove, Illinois. Watching the in game netstat my ping is ranging from 65-85, feels like the connection is unstable on the low 20Hz tickrate of the servers.


Third is when I'm running 5 trace routes in pingplotter at 2.5 second intervals packets drop at the router on all the tests, some more than others. Is the router not capable of handling a bunch of small packets which is something a game sends a lot of?  I'm also not going to be the only one using the router and multiple people will likely be using the connection at the same time, is the router not capable of handling that?


Fourth thing is youtube problems that I'm having just before and as I type this. An in network speed test (shaw edmonton server) I have 15 ping and 177 download but i have to refresh the page to get the video to load and then the video will buffer and even just stop loading. Watching the buffer on a different video and its barely keeping ahead of the red bar. Youtube has DASH loading or what ever you call it to save bandwidth on their servers but before switching to Shaw on a 50Mbps connection that section of the video would load almost instantly and I didn't need to refresh the page to get it to load.

* While writing this I Watched/Listened to two more videos. The second video did not end up buffering but the third one did half way through. 


I'm not sure if the next thing is from shaw or not but its only just started happening when shaw was installed and thats when a game called Township on android loads it will just be a black screen. I have to close the game and reload for the graphics to load as well. This happens both in Genymotion on my wired PC and wifi on my LG G4. Checking the play store the game has not recently had an update. This is weird to me as I've never played a game that requires an internet connection to load assets. 


Final thing I noticed is massive bufferbloat when downloading using DSLreports speed test the downlaod bufferbloat is a constant 1Kms+ over idle. As of typing this I tried to reproduce the problem with Steam but I seem to be capping out at 140ish mbps. Its not adding 1k ping but it is bouncing around 150-300 instead of 75 with 100ms spikes. 
I saw in the shaw section of the dslforums that a fix is being deployed when another user reported this problem, how long does that take to get out to everyone? 


I haven't done much else so thats the only issues I've run into in the first day of having shaw. I'm also on a wired connection on my PC, 5GHz connection on the phone and the router is the Hitron CGNM-2250 running firmware Changes I've made are: Disable SIP ALG as that can negatively affect nat, turned off QoS on wifi as I don't want wifi affecting my wired connection if thats what it does. And changed the DCHP lease to 1 day as it currently has me in another location than the city I reside in.
Operating systems on my devices is Windows 10 on the PC and Android version 6.0 on the LG G4. 

I think that's everything for now, thanks in advance for any help. Hopefully I can edit this tomorrow and attach stuff. Its getting late and getting the trace routes will take some time to collect.