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Interested in Internet 150 but what happens to my bundle?

Question asked by gfunk84 on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by shaw-lance

I currently have a Personal TV+Broadband 50 bundle (it literally displays a single line-item on my bill with a combined price). I assume that to upgrade to Internet 150, Shaw will have to "break up" the bundle. I also have Best of HD at a grandfathered rate.


My concern is that breaking up the bundle will somehow force Shaw to temporarily remove my bundled TV services from my account to re-add it as a separate item, causing my Best of HD package to jump way up to the current rate. I also don't know if the currently offered "Personal TV" channel list is the same as what I currently receive.


  1. Can I keep my grandfathered Best of HD rate while upgrading to Internet 150?
  2. Is the 2-year term only for Internet or will it also apply to my TV and phone service?
  3. Is there a trade-in program for old owned modems or is it rental only now?
  4. I heard the Hitron modem can only be set to bridged mode if you have Internet 150. Is this true? What happens if I decide to move to a lower Internet plan down the road?
  5. Will my home phone bundle discount be affected in any way?
  6. Can I pick up the new modem from a Shaw retail outlet and self-install?