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high ping

Question asked by magnesiumbox on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2016 by corbin

On a WIRED connection to my hitron router supplied by Shaw I get highly fluctuating ping results. Pinging the home network ( should yield results of <1-2ms, but it is usually around 20 ms and spikes into the hundreds.


Tried my best to troubleshoot the issue, removing as many variables as possible. Disabling WIFI on the router and only testing from a single PC, verifying results using a laptop both wired and wirelessly. The problem persists every time.


It's hardly noticeable during typical web browsing. But I need my internet for conference calling and I've already been dropped from calls with clients which leaves them going "Hello? Hello? Are you there?" and is 100% unprofessional and I can't have it happen.


Streaming video and videogames also suffer the same fate. It's gotten so bad at times that the network simply vanishes, it's not just slow, but it ceases to exist as if someone as unplugged the modem. LAN connection disappears, all applications lose connectivity and all mobile devices (cellphones) are dropped from the WiFi network so I can't even inform someone of the technical difficulties i'm facing and ask them to wait for me to return.


I need a solution ASAP.