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No Timer Recording on VCR connected to DCX3200 box

Question asked by cirrus on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by wtwasp


I have 25 years old RCT 20"tv, works perfect, it is connected to VCR, which is connected to a new DCX 3200 box , recently installed by the Shaw technician.

I should be glad, I got more TV channels, although the VCR must be always on , because the old TV set has a limited number of channels.

Before the cable box installation, I never had problems with the TIMER RECORDING on my VCR.


Now, I have no problems with recording a show from a specific channel on the VCR, but it works  only DURING the show, live.

The VCR obviously works, the tape is fine, quality of recording also unproblematic , but why can't I get the programmed shows?

I tried different settings etc.


I know I am a dinosaur, I planning to upgrade the flat screen TV soon, but still, can anybody solve this puzzle?