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problems with shaw 150

Question asked by hazzrage on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by brucewang

ever since upgrading to shaw 150 from 60 i have had nothing but problems

i play aion rust bdo gta5 .. like i noticed ping increase alittle bit as of 2 weeks ago after getting 150 i noticed my ping double sometimes even x8 the normal ping  in aion i use to get 55 ms now i get 100 ms + i know that bc shaw is having issues but do i really need  to ping off Winnipeg x3 times before going into the states? its like edmonton to winnipeg to edmonton to winnipeg to calgary to winnipeg and then connects to the states ... this is my gaming proxy trace route even not using gaming proxy its even worse .. to be blunt why does it have bounce around to winnipeg to edmonton soo many bloody times