Hitron Modem Issues / Rant

Discussion created by meyersn on Aug 3, 2016
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I really wish I could keep recommending Shaw as an ISP to my clients, but after my experience lately I cant. Sorry for the long story, but its needed for context.


It all started a few months ago when TELUS installed fibre to the basement suite. My internet connection went down and I traced the problem back to my router. My router was an ASUS AC66u. It kept going in to firmware reset mode. I replaced my router with a top of the line ASUS AC5300 to eliminate the router variable. After replacing the router I no longer had issues with the router, but the internet connection kept dropping.


I wanted to eliminate the modem variable so I upgraded to Shaw 120/6. A service tech came out and replaced my Motorola modem with a new Hitron model. It worked well for a few days, but then cut out. This time the lights on the modem indicated that it was still connected to the internet, but the port lights on the back of the modem were off and my router indicated it was disconnected. Power cycling the modem fixed the issue for a day or two. Usually it cut out in the morning while I was using a Remote Desktop session from work causing me to have to drive home and reset the modem.


I placed a switch between the modem and the router to rule out any port issues on the new router, but the issue persisted. I bought timers to power cycle the modem and router every night, but still the issue persisted.


Finally after yet another call to Shaw support the booked a tech to come out and check the cable wiring to the house. The tech replace all connectors and couplers from the house to the modem, replaced the modem, tested the connection and declared that all was now fine. It worked for a week, but then I started having the same issue again.


During yet another support call to Shaw on July 23rd I learned of the new 150Mbps Wide Open plan. The support agent upgraded my plan and re-provisioned my modem. We ran a speed test on the connection. I was ok on the download speed 150Mbps, but the upstream was maxing out at 8.6Mbps. The support agent looked at the signal levels on my modem and determined that there was still an issue with the cable lines. We booked an appointment for a tech to come out on July 28th to look in to the signal issue.


The tech arrived July 28th and determined that there was an issue with a piece of equipment on the utility pole. He replaced the faulty component and ran another speed test. This time I was receiving full speed and then some 185/16Mpbs. I thought that we’d finally resolved the issue.


Today, August 3rd I was using the internet at 5:30am when to my surprise the internet cut out again. I reset the modem to restore service before I headed off to work. While at work, my connection died again, so back home I went..


I called Shaw downgrade my internet plan to one not on a contract as there is a 10 day window in which to cancel the Wide Open plan. After an hour wait on the phone for a customer service agent, they informed me that I had just missed the 10 day window. I tried explaining that I hadn’t actually been receiving full service until July 28th as there were wiring issues, but they insisted that I was locked in to the full 2 year contract as I had missed the 10 day window.


I’ve booked yet another service tech visit, but I have no confidence that the issue will be resolved. It looks like I’m going to be stuck with an unreliable internet connection for the next two years and incurring costs of driving home once or twice a week to reset the modem. Hopefully they’ll replace the modem, but I’ve seen others complain that the switch in the modem has been causing them issues as well.


I own a small IT business and will definitely not be recommending Shaw to any of my clients in the future. While I’m not a fan of the competition I cant see them being any worse. They are now offering a business 150/30 Mbps Fibre internet connection for $90 / month with no contract.


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