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I used to think Shaw was pretty awesome with customer service and retaining their customers. Thought that I felt valued, but that has recently changed.... On July 19, 2016, I saw a new advertisement on Shaws site for $79 for 2 years for Internet 150, I just purchased a new desktop, and curious to see how fast it would go (HAHA)... So I took the bate. Had a small issue in the beginning but was resolved with the upload. All was good so far... Then I saw a advertisement on the bus station and on the SHAW site ($49, 1st year, and $79, for the second year, for WIDEOPEN 150).  At first I thought they changed the promotion, NOT even a month OLD, 3 weeks... So I chatted with a SHAW rep, thinking that since it was not more than a month, that they would honour and give me the better rate.. or something to make up the difference......(1) I was told that it was greater than 10 days, not sure what she was referring to, until I found an

online contract. (Still don't recall receiving a copy of the contract). So I asked to see if they could provide me a copy of the contract that was in effect when I signed up, July 19, 2016. (no reply was given). (2) I was told that SHAW only offers promotions to NEW CUSTOMERS and not existing customers, and that this was SHAWs first offer to include existing customers, WIDEOPEN INTERNET 150...  First thought was..  oh how nice of you and to most likely LOOSE a customer at the same time..  So I asked, what is the definition of new customer. As I asked well I could have closed my existing account and had a spouse or room mate or new room mate open a new account. They said no as SHAWS definition includes spouses and room mates.  This puzzled me and enquiried again , SHAW REPLIES:  Stating that I could not have had an account in the past 90 days. and that spouse and room mates would not be considered NEW Customers. As how would they know who lives in the home or moved into the home, and really is it their business... And I was told that I would have most likely received a deal when I first signed up .... years ago but he could not give details. and not that that should matter. I was also given the cost to cancel $15 a month for each month remaining in the 2 year term. I asked to have a supervisor call me back but was given the costumer retention @ 1-888-472-2222, press 4, account moves, then 3 disconnection services... Sounds like they want to get rid of me and pay the cancelation fee of $15 x 24 months...  Needless to say, I am not satisfied, I understand that I committed to the 2 years when I signed up... Just didn't think They would make a better offer three weeks after they introduced the plan 150 within a month and NOT give the people who bite right away, like me... So feel cheated.... Almost hate Shaw at the moment. SHAW needs to work on their promotions and rolling out of new plans. I am sure all the people who signed up like me are pissed off at SHAW... ADVISE THINK TWICE BEFORE SIGNING UP WITH SHAW, AS THEY WILL OR MAY OFFER A BETTER DEAL A FEW WEEKS LATER AND YOUR ON THE HOOK!   Got such a bad taste in my mouth now when I think of Shaw, used to be so good well the 2 year count down starts and maybe a new internet provider in 2 years.