Feedback (Don't worry, it's good).

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Good day all!


After chatting with Ryan #9194 last night because my services all went down (local power outage, not Shaw's fault), and receiving excellent service yet again, I thought I would write some feedback. I never got the survey popup, because I had to chat over my phone browser due to internet and TV being down.


Feedback first on Ryan. He was great to deal with, and we chatted about tech, etc, for a good half hour. In that half hour, he mentioned the new 150 Internet plan, and what he could offer me on it because I have been with Shaw so long. I was currently on Internet 60, but paying for 30 due to loyalty discounts. Another reason I am still with Shaw. Long story short, I am now running 150 for literally a few dollars more than I was paying for Internet 30.


I have actually NEVER had an issue with anyone the eCare team, be it about services, billing, or tech support.

The same goes for you guys/gals in the forums, you have always been great.


Some people don't understand that although you are the front lines when it comes to customer service, you don't have any say in decisions made my Shaw execs, or even KNOWLEDGE of said decisions. I feel for you when you get screamed at, blamed, and downright "Donald Trump'd" for things you have no control over. I don't know how you remain professional sometimes when getting berated. I would lose it, lol.


As for Shaw, I have been with Shaw for I don't remember how long (10+ years). Why? Because in that time, I have had only one outage (last night), and have always gotten max internet speeds 24/7. That, and the customer service has always been great. Even back when my original Gateway hardware packed it in several times (my fault for being an early adopter), it was replaced ASAP by Shaw.


I am literally the last person in my Townhouse complex still on Shaw (Telus loves to come to my door randomly and remind me of that), and I am not leaving any time soon.


Sorry for the long post. I never bother with feedback, but I guess I am getting soft in my old age.