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Rate increase (again), trim services

Question asked by mel998 on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by shaw-jason

I'm reading my upcoming cable/tv and internet bill and the rate is increasing and I'm jumping back up to an amount that is high and unholy. Someday maybe Canadian companies will catch up to the US in terms of competitive prices. Anyway.


I've asked this question before and I get the standard "you've been grandfathered" answer. It seems there are two streams of product:  one "selection" / better pricing for new customers, and one "antiqued" with fewer real options and no real savings to existing customers.   :-/


Based on the channels I watch, and the internet usage I incur, what is the wriggle room for bringing my costs down? I seem to recall being sent online to a place where the cable packs are listed but cannot now find it. In simplest/easiest terms, I would like the cost lowered and I'd like to know how to best do this based on my preferences.


I also have some feedback for you with respect to sign-in on account page, community page etc.  Make it ONE login. One username, one password.  Once I'm in my account, I should be able to browse everywhere I'd like to go and post to the forums, and make any account changes etc.