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Where and when are the programs promised on Shaw on Demand?

Question asked by awi on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by awi

Aren't programs supposed to be available on Shaw on Demand 24 hours after original airing?


The Movie Network programs have been taking 3 days or more.


The Mr. Robot (Showcase) episodes that aired July 20/16 (13 days ago) and July 27/16 (6 days ago) are still not yet available "on demand."  The only Mr. Robot episodes listed at present are the 2 part season premiere aired July 13/16 (20 days ago).


1.  Can someone clarify how long it is actually supposed to take for The Movie Network programs to become available on Shaw on Demand?


2.  Where are the Mr. Robot episodes?  When are you going to make them available on Shaw on Demand?


3.  How long do TV episodes remain available for on Shaw on Demand?


Thank you