internet quality gone bad after switching plans

Discussion created by shawntujk on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2016 by techjunkie

A couple of weeks ago I switched from internet 30 to internet 150 and, ever since then my ping has gone up by more than 10 and is inconsistent.  My ping to google used to be straight 16's and, as low as 9 during non peak times, now it gets as high as 40.  I can no longer game anymore because my ping is so inconsistent.  I'm on a wired connection with no other devices using any bandwidth.  I've reset my modem (Hitron wifi modem) a couple times and it makes no difference.  Is it too late to switch back to my old internet plan without having to pay cancellation fees?  Here is my ping to google and, as you can see it fluctuates frequently.