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Question asked by sodell on Aug 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2016 by kevinds

Quick question. Well maybe not so quick. Bit of background first. I have been a Shaw business subscriber for over 10 years. I just moved and in the move I had Shaw residential TV installed at the new address. I had asked for my business internet to be transferred. Business dropped the ball completely and cancelled my account instead of transferring it. So I had the residential tech install the residential 150 plan knowing I could cancel change it in 10 days. Called Shaw business on Tuesday and went about switching back to business. They informed me that it normally takes 5 days to get my static ip provisioned again but that they would put a rush on it. I'm still waiting on my static being setup which forced me to explore other options. I have people relying on me for there email. Now I have been reading the forum and with how absolutely fed up I am with the business side of things (I would love to use much stronger language to truly convey how disgusted I am with how business handled this) I would like to keep the residential 150 and just cancel my business account all together. With the IP-Pass through option and hosting my smtp off site it will still be much cheaper to stick with the residential. Besides i don't want to give the business side another penny. Now I had the residential 150 installed initially on July 30th. So the 10 days expires tomorrow. Can I get the residential 150 re-instated at the promo price? Thx.