Persisting Issues with Shaw

Discussion created by pydoc11 on Aug 9, 2016
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Sometime in early June I believe it was we started having issues with Shaw internet getting random drops of internet service all throughout the day. Our modem was never taken offline with these drops the internet would just stop working with all 4 lights lit up and fine.


After 2 technicians out to the house both did different things to the cable line within the house and detected no issues at all other than a signal strength issue which was resolved easily but still the drops continued. A few weeks after that we get a notification from Shaw letting us know they detected a line noise issue in the area and that their engineers were working on a fix.


After a few days the fix was in place and we had perfect internet again for about a week. So again I talk to shaw help on twitter and they tell me after all their tests and escalating the issue that there is no sign of anything wrong when there quite obviously is something the matter. Everytime I talk to shaw help on twitter I get the same reply almost as if they forgot all the previous things talked about and attempted.


All throughout this every different chat tech we talked to tried to tell us it could be our router causing the problem. (we had done direct connection tests before and after the line noise fix they had implemented in the area and still it randomly dropped) One technician over twitter even agreed with me that since our continuing problems had the exact same symptoms as when there was a noise issue that it could not be a coincidence that all of a sudden our router is failing on us.


Sorry for the long post but I am running out of patience with Shaw I have tried twitter I have called in for help and there have been people out here to look at it. I am out of ideas and options and I might possibly be out of Shaw's business soon.