New TV Channels/Updates

Discussion created by russaroni99 on Aug 3, 2016
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Good Evening,


I want to say that I follow the discussions and questions and have never had an issue with Shaw Services.  I am wondering though if the mods have any information on new channels that may coming in the future or new equipment? (ie. 4K)


I have seen others post and get the fill out the channel request form speil but nothing new has come out and in the forgotten corner of Southeast Alberta i don't even have channels that Calgary can get (Canada Time-shift channels).  The competitors have way more HD channels (ie. sportsnet east/pacific/ontario) and are updating equipment and it makes a person think long and hard about television services as i have been waiting for the past two years thinking more hd was coming and it has not as of yet.


I appreciate any information that can be passed onto the general public as i know in 2016 the customer demands a lot from companies and its not as easy adding new channels as it seems.