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Questions regarding upgrading to WideOpen 150 from older package

Question asked by yuuiris on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by shaw-ken

I am interested the new WideOpen 150 Internet plan but I would like to get a few more questions answered before making my decision.


1. I currently have an older Internet plan (not being offered anymore) along with Personal TV + phone from Shaw. What would be the price difference if I choose to upgrade to WideOpen 150 without changing TV & phone packages?

2. I understand that the promo price for WideOpen 150 requires a two-year contract, is it possible to have only the internet package locked in for two years?

3. People seem to be getting either Hitron or Cisco modem for the WideOpen 150. Is it possible to request for specific modem?

4. What is procedure for putting the modem into bridged mode? Is it just a matter of calling in to get it changed right away?

5. To upgrade to WideOpen 150, does a technician have to come in get it installed or can I just go pick up the modem from the local Shaw store?

6. Is there still any bundling discount for having all three services with Shaw? There used to be a discount of $15 (triple play?) being displayed on my bill but that's no longer there.