Anyone else having issues with Static IP's

Discussion created by stealthnetworks on Aug 10, 2016
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Since Shaw upgraded their core and prevented multiple IP addresses from being assigned to a MAC address we have been having continual issues at 2 locations with inbound static IP's not responding. I've spoken to tech support many times, upgraded our modem and services but same results. We are using two different firewalls at two locations with modems in bridged mode and after a certain amount of time the inbound doesn't work.


I've worked with Cisco on this and they basically said manually assigning the MAC addresses to the proxy arp IP is breaking the ARP process and this is what is causing it. Shaw said the change is irreversible, and our gear should work as the statics are ties to the MAC at their core.


This also causes packet loss on a two minute interval from teh inside address as it's probably round-robining between all the IP's and the same MAC.


I can't believe we are the only ones having this issue, is anyone else that is hosting devices behind a router/firewall seeing the same issue?