Random Problem or Known Gateway Issue ????

Discussion created by bostonbob on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by shaw-phil

Last night I encountered a problem on my Gateway and it was the 3rd time this exact thing has happened in the last 3 or 4 months. Over the weekend my GF and I went to go see Suicide Squad and my GF was really impressed with Margot Robbie so yesterday she asked me to see if there were any other movies available with her in them that we could watch. Here is what happened:


- I typed in Margot Robbie into the " By Keyword " section of the Search function.

- nothing happened for about 60 seconds and then everything froze and now none of the remote buttons did anything.

- finally after about 2-3 minutes a bunch of Margot Robbie content appeared. 

- but now all the buttons on the remote were not doing what they were supposed to do. For example - hitting the UP button gave us the result of hitting the LEFT button and hitting the EXIT button gave us the result of hitting the PVR button.

- since this has happened before I did what I had done before to fix the problem. I unplugged the HDMI and power cords to both the Gateway and Portal, waited a minute and then plugged everything back in. Now everything was back to working correctly.

- I should add here that the only time this has happened was when I was using the " By Keyword " section of the Search function and usually it works fine 99% of the time.


Can anybody here tell me if this was sort of a random thing happening here ( although 3 times in 3-4 months is not exactly random ) or is this a know issue with the Gateway ????