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Help I'm not great with technology

Question asked by caz on Feb 9, 2013
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I just had a tech out on Thursday to deliver and hook me up with the HD Digital Boxes and Champ remotes for my TV's ,

(which btw are old tv's and not flatscreen)  yesterday my main tv had the picture and voices out of sync and my channels wouldn't work on the remote, I unplugged the box , waited a couple mins and plugged it back in and reset the remote and I now I can't access the menu or the guide.

The guide when pressed is a little square on the bottom left and only tells me the channel #'s and names of them , I've tried a few times and when I plug the box in after a minute or so it says 8888 BOOT OCAP APP , I turn it on and I do have channels however there is nothing on the bottom about Shaw as there is on the other tv's when I change channels, and as I said no guide and can't access the menu which I think could help if I was able too.

also the time on the box has now switched to military time ...What can I do any ideas on how to fix it ?