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hitron modem problem

Question asked by billf on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by shaw-phil

The modem was installed yesterday to support the upgrade to 150mbps. Wireless works great. The 4 Ethernet cables from my Linksys EA6200 were transferred to it. The wired internet feed to my two PCs, and Sony smart TV work fine.


The 4th feed is to/from a Trendnet TPE-S44 10/100 router with four POE ports for my security cameras, and 4 non-POE ports. One non-POE port is used for the network video recorder and one for the Ethernet cable back to the router. I can no longer see or log on to the security system.


Is my new modem defective? What internet speed can the old SB5101 handle?