Intermittent pixelization on Gateway & Portals

Discussion created by milesp on Aug 12, 2016
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I just recently had a tech install 3 portals at my place (I self installed the Gateway).  Prior to the install of the portals, the gateway seemed to be working fine.  Since then, I've been having some intermittent pixelization issues with the video.  Here is the backstory...


During the course of the install, the tech replaced the a couple of cables, updated some cables to newer compression fit ends, and installed 3 filters (one at the ground tap, one at the phone modem, one at the cable modem).  After that was done and the portals were communicating with the gateway, we found that the picture was completely distorted.  The tech replaced the ground tap and a suspect splitter.  That seems to have fixed things.


Today however I'm noticing intermittent pixelization (once or twice a minute) on all screens with the occasional 1-2 frames of black screen popping in, so I suspect the issue is at the gateway and not with the moca side of things, but I could be wrong.  Also, when I woke up, my internet was down and I had to power cycle the modem to get it back.  When I turned the TV on, I was tuned to CBC HD and it said "Contact Shaw to subscribe to this station" (or roughly that message) - after I cycled channels a bit, it seemed fine.  Maybe unrelated, but seems like a strange coincidence.


There are 3 splitters right now, currently organized as follows:  first splitter (3 way) has phone, cable modem, and splitter 2.  From splitter 2 there is the gateway, a portal, and then splitter 3.  Splitter 3 (2 way) is the 2 remaining portals.


Tech support has done updates/refreshes from their end, I've power cycled things, made sure all the coax is seated and tight, etc.  No dice.


I have a tech scheduled to come, but unfortunately the soonest for my area was Aug 21st, and I'm not available, so I'm booked for Aug 29th (sigh).


Can I provide some of the diagnostic information to see if you all have any suggestions?  If there is anything else I can do prior to my appointment to try and resolve this myself, I'd like to try.  Or, based on what I've said, am I going to have to stick to waiting for the tech?


(Side note: I have the know-how, parts and tools to terminate cables (with compression style ends), etc if needed).


Thanks in advance.