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So since I got Shaw I've been having poor pings to the west coast from Central Alberta. Seattle would be 80+(now 100+) instead of 35 and California would be 120+ instead of 70 on some of the games I play on. A Shaw network tech said that it is being caused by the hosting service and to contact them.  
After first contacting them I was told they don't provide support for downstream users and to contact the Publisher/Developer of the game to try and get it resolved. After not hearing back from the Publisher the Developer said they would pass it on to their network tech. I've not heard anything back. 


Since reconnecting to the servers my ping is still inflated but also worse now. Shaw is no longer routing to Seattle for a Seattle connection and instead is routing me from Calgary to Illinois and then their network routes it to Seattle giving me 120 ingame ping. California is still being routed to Illinois instead of Seattle.  


These are the trace routes I sent to gameservers.com (owners of the IP) with comparisons the thing I see in common with all of them is their starting ip is 108.61 I don't know if that means anything.  

http://imgur.com/a/jdi8h - It seems I forgot to include a California server that I have bad ping to and I forgot to note it down if it was a 108.61. Looking at my older uploads the bad California ones are 174. Here is a traceroute showing that its still bad. 



I also noticed its not limited to Gameservers.com, In the Battlefield 1 beta before most of the servers started getting DDoS'd my ping to all the west servers except for one was 100+ ping. EA is using Amazon hosting for these servers when I checked. If I do speedtest.net to different locations on the west coast it varies from a normal normal to 2x/3x depending on host.  

In contacting Gameservers.com this is the response I got after saying the ISP is saying they're the cause of the bad routing. 


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I'm afraid there isn't anything we can do in this situation.  We do not enable 'policy based' routing.  We announce our routes to the world via BGP which then allows routers to choose the best route based upon distance.


We can't choose how traffic is routed 'to' us.  Your ISP could very easily route traffic differently over their own network, or choose which outgoing peer to use.


I am sorry that latency levels are higher than you would like, but our hands are tied in this situation.




Frag. Not Lag.

In all of the traceroutes the first problem starts on the Shaw network with the connection going east to Illinois instead of west to Seattle for a west coast connection. 


Looking around it seems that no one else is having this similar problem for west cost pings. Is it possibly a problem with my profile? Can it be rebuilt to see if the problem continues or goes away?
I switched form Telus 50 to Shaw to save some money but if I'm just going to lag in all my games then I fully regret that decision since on top of that web pages take longer to load (not a big of a deal) and I'm seeing the YouTube buffer icon multiple times a day for the past week (kinda annoying w/ 150 down).