TiVo - Request Shaw To Offer TiVo

Discussion created by timbo1a on Aug 13, 2016

I had a TiVo DVR on Shaw Cable.  Unfortunately, it was a non-HD model.  I have to say that the human/machine interface is much superior to anything that's presently available out there with Shaw. It was a dream to use and I miss it. The present models are of course HD, 4K and beautiful to use and record with.


I would definitely like to see Shaw offer TiVo services here in Canada.  Searching the Internet, I see that TiVo is offered in Ontario and Quebec.  I know that the first company that offer's TiVo here in BC, I'll be changing all my services over to that company. 


Anybody who who feels the same way as myself, please express your opinion and let Shaw know that there is a community out there that wants to bring TiVo back. If Shaw was the first to offer this service, I think it would definitely give them a marketing edge and a different service that's not available anywhere else in western Canada. 


Please give your your support to this request. 


Thank you