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NFL Network in HD in 2016

Question asked by pkelamis on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by dorian246

Dear Shaw User Community,


I have been following this topic for 2 years since we transitioned from Rogers to Shaw Direct and I have yet to see a response from a Shaw Moderator that adequately answers the question ... Why is the NFL Network not available in HD?


Here is the question again --- Why is the NFL Network not available in HD?


Please do not offer the Channel Request Form as a viable solution, because every month, and I have this in my calendar as a task, to fill out the form for the NFL Network in HD.


Be honest with your customers, I would be happier with a response that says it is unlikely that the NFL Network will be in HD because of the following reason, rather than the run around in circle response I have seen on these forums for multiple years.


If Shaw does not have in its future to offer the NFL Network in HD then let the consumer know, stop playing games.


I am sure it is equally annoying for you to answer the same question year after year with generic responses, so before you answer this question, go find out more information. Talk to a supervisor or head of content, and find out if in 2016 the NFL Network will be in HD.


I am sorry, but this is has been a very frustrating process and if you want as an organization to show customer empathy then respond with a real response.


Thanks for the forum to voice my displeasure, but after searching on this forum and seeing this request go unaddressed for 5+ years, enough is enough.