Hitron Modem Dead?

Discussion created by xbrav_revolutionz on Sep 1, 2016
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I thought I'd add to the discussion regarding the CGNM-2250. I was encountering the noted issues with slowdowns and the modem dropping out the LAN light, requiring a power cycle to fix. It had been stable the past 2 weeks until yesterday... 


I had to power cycle my cabinet with the Hitron modem. The power was out for less than 30 seconds. However, when I brought the power back up, the Hitron modem failed to boot. Now, when I say failed to boot, I mean the power light comes on, and no other lights.


I have a service call to have a technician in on Saturday, however, I'd like to see how isolated this is. 2 scenarios occur when I power cycle the unit:


1) All the NIC lights on the rear of the unit (port lights) go solid and remain as such.

2) Each NIC (on the rear)  green LED lights in sequence starting from Port 1. All lights go off after NIC 4.


In both scenarios, the NIC successfully links at 1gbps.


The modem is flashed with the bridge firmware, so the unit will not have any DHCP, management interface, or any means I am aware of to communicate with the modem. 


With the bridge mode, is there any level of access to the modem? Is there any way to perform a panic mode recovery? Or is this thing cooked? Support did say Shaw could not reach the modem externally.