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"server error: 452 #4.5.3 Too many recipients."

Question asked by cgreaves on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by dhalyk

When sending an email to 75 club members, some of them do not receive the message and I get an error returned from the server: "server error: 452 #4.5.3 Too many recipients.". Obviously, from the questions and discussions on this forum, many other users have the same problem. 

Shaw says that we can email up to 125 users, and here I am only trying to send to 75. I am also not exceeding other limitations such as the number of emails per hour and so on.

I am not willing to split up the message and send it out 10 at a time. I NEED THIS SOLVED OR I NEED TO FIND ANOTHER PROVIDER !!!!

No platitudes or half measures please. Just analyse the problem and get it fixed!