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New 150 customer with issues...

Question asked by instanorm on Aug 13, 2016
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 This is pretty long but hopefully someone can give some insight.


Aug 9th i signed up for wide open 150 internet. I got a email right away saying order received but nothing after that.


Yesterday (Aug 12th) i called shaw to check the status and get a idea of when a tech might come on site. They informed me i could just setup right there on the phone with them and then go pickup a modem.


I currently have teksavvy cable at home. It was a 10/1 package and i consistently pulled 12 down in tests. I upgraded that to 30 and i always get 34 down in tests.


I signed up, picked up the modem and proceeded to go home to set it all up after dealing with a emergency at home.


Installed the new hitiron. It shows a shaw IP and shaw as my ISP but im pulling down 34 in all speedtests(wired/wireless/multiple laptops/phone/desktop). Exactly the same as my teksavvy package.


I called Shaw and they said my modem was getting a signal that was too strong? He asked me to put a splitter i mentioned i had in to knock the signal down. That didn't help. He reset the modem, no go.  He said teksavvy might own the line and call them?


I called teksavvy and they confirmed it's shaws cable and they can't do anything. They simply deactivate the modem when i cancel with them(I still have not).


I then talked to shaw support online via chat. He told me the modem was getting too low a signal? I told him that is the exact opposite of what the phone support told me and he said "well its high and low, changing".


I now have to wait till next wed for a tech to arrive to check out the line and see if they can fix it. I'm not cancelling teksavvy yet because if shaw can't fix it when they are on site i'll walk away from the 2 year contract as it still wont be 10 days and no point into locking into a contract for the exact speed and less then half the price i'm currently paying.


Just hoping someone can shed some light on whats going on. This is super frustrating.