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Slow Upload

Question asked by neferdias on Aug 17, 2016
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Hitron Modem (2.4/5.0 Wireless Disabled)

I have a wireless access point plugged straight into the modem, and the other three ports are used to distribute wired internet to ports throughout my house.



I spent roughly an hour on the phone with a Shaw technician yesterday attempting to resolve this issue.


I had power cycled the modem.


It was rebooted and re-provisioned from his end.


I had run wired speed tests from my pc and wired speed tests from my laptop with the same result.


I have a switch in the office, which I bypassed with the laptop. Same result


I also plugged the laptop into the modem directly. Same result.


The technician then ran a few diagnostic tests, and told me there was no bottlenecks in the upload stream.



Since we've had some nasty thunderstorms in the area the past few weeks with some black outs, it was possible the modem had taken a bit of a zap and was now having issues. So he placed a work order for me to go pick up a new one.


With the new modem installed, I ran a new test and everything seemed to be back to normal.


This evening I began running into similar issues and ran a speed test. That image above is from this evening, so it doesn't seem to be the modem.


I've checked safe-mode with networking, I've checked packet counts (for potential virus/malware intrusion... aside from the fact my machines are cleaned off regularly), I've checked network I/O. Everything I can think of, and that google has told me to check and recheck I have done. Is there anything I'm missing? Or does a maintenance crew need to come check the service side?