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Issues with new Hitron modem

Question asked by vaticancameosx on Aug 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by 306fun

About four weeks ago I upgraded to the new Shaw WideOpen 150 internet plan in hopes of increasing my upload and download speeds for not only my gaming on my PS4 but also to stop buffering times.


Since getting the new modem, I've not noticed a difference on my PS4 (we were on the Internet 25 plan previously) and it takes about the same time to download an update for any of my games. I'm both frustrated and disappointed in this because one of the selling points of the Shaw WideOpen was faster game playing. 


My second issue is with my Android box. We use it on our TV that we can't attach a cable box to and use the FreeRange and Netflix app to watch TV in the basement on hot days. It worked just fine before we switched to the new modem/router, but now with it the box doesn't work one bit. I've tried wireless and attaching it to an Ethernet cable and it says I've got no internet connection. I've tried turning off the firewall to see if that's the issue but nothing seems to be working. I feel like I'm better off going to ask for the other modern back.