Missing emails

Discussion created by yourkard on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by jessrd

There could be a problem with emails not getting delivered to inbox and the sending party gets no bounce notification. This is the same as an issue ~2 or 3 years ago and Shaw admitted they were having technical issues with their email system. So far they are not admitting to any current email issues, however, I am gathering proof from the sender's their emails (sometimes the same one sent multiple times while talking on the phone) are in their sent folder.

The last time I am aware that this happened Shaw told some people they would get some email info recovered... turns out that was not true.

I have multiple daily google alerts and over the last few days I have not received any of them in my Shaw account.

The media was all over the last email problem I am aware of. I am going to move my email business to google or similar online service. No longer have any trust with Shaw's email system.