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the Case of the Specific Site Being Unreachable..

Question asked by wazoo on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by shaw-chris.s

It was just after midnight on Thursday August 25th, when I closed up the office for the night. I had shutdown sublime text and was admiring a Minecraft castle my son had built when my phone buzzed with a text from my friend, Tiny Fingers.

"I need some content on my website updated, do you have a few minutes?"


Rubbing my eyes to encourage just a few more minutes of work from my brain, I fired up my machine and went to his company's site: ""

Chrome didn't like it. With a little frown in my brow, I fired up Safari. Same result. So much for Apple.

I switched to another machine. Edge this time. Still no good.

"Tiny", I texted, "I can't see your website."

"Works fine for me" was his response. Typical.


I launched a shell and did an nslookup: 

"nslookup" -- resolves to

Tried that address directly in my browser ( - ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED with that dinosaur thing mocking me like a monkey with a pair of cymbals. Thanks Google.


Then Tiny had a good idea -- "try from your phone with home wifi disabled"

With a shout of triumph mixed with shock, his idea worked. His website came up fine on my phone.

I re-enabled the home WiFi connection and tried again. Dinosaur.


Every other website works fine for me. No problems.

I tried the Last Resort and unplugged the Shaw Cisco DPC3848V router and waited an ice age of 60 seconds.

After feeling the rush of the Internet once again, I tried the same result. No dice for Tiny.

"Sorry Tiny," I texted back - "I'm going to have to go to the brains at Shaw for this one. Perhaps a bad DNS cache."


As I blacked out into unconsciousness in my bed, I kept seeing the Google Dinosaur circling above me..


TL;DR Please help, this is weird.

* a specific site is unreachable for me.

* - ip address

* ping will not resolve, but this is what nslookup is reporting to me

* I have no strange firewall rules or port-forwarding configured

* From my Shaw network, I cannot reach that website from any device, browser or command-line tool.

* I can reach the site from my Phone's browser when not connected to my home LAN.


If anyone has a theory, I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance!