Missing center audio on many channels, fixed by selecting secondary audio stream.

Discussion created by danno8 on Aug 30, 2016
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So for years I have had a missing center audio channel on 209 (CBC) during virtually all programming. It seems to come back during certain commercials, which inevitably blow your ears off since you had to turn the TV way up to be able to hear anything without a center channel. This also seems to occur on 206 (very noticeable on Late Show with Colbert) and on TSN while watching football for example.


Today I discovered that if I change the audio stream to the DVS option (info, audio language, #2), I get a nice clear center channel on those stations. The problem being of course if I actually run across a program with DVS then I have to change it back.


This was also a problem with MTS several years back.


Anyone else notice the same issue with these stations/programs?


Edited to change 207 to 206.