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HD digital box; doesnt display time, guide only shows channel numbers (no tv shows), menu doesnt work at all

Question asked by iheartchu2 on Feb 9, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2013 by [shaw]ali

So hooked up my HD digital box today, and it worked for the first little while but the power went out and the box turned off. power came back on,

Digital box said "boot"
then displayed "OCAP"

Then the tv said " launching OCAP"
then the box said " APP"

tv then said SHAW) Server connection problem- retrying.
then tv said Setting up the offline environment- this could take a while
Tv suddenly flicked to channel 2, now the box still says APP, the guide is only the small one that only displays Channel number and channel name (33 Peachtree, 43 Treehouse) can't change it cause when i hit the guide button again and again, all it does it close it and bring it back up.
And the Menu button does absolutely nothing.
I'm ready to flip a table! Frustrating! Should I bring it back and get another one?