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No expanders available for Pace?

Question asked by kokosdad on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by kokosdad

I have a Pace DC758D.  I know this is an old model, but it works, and my wife can (just barely) use it.  If I get a different box with a different feature set, my wife will go back to square one.


I want to get a new PVR expander, as the old one is getting a lot of errors.  I went to Shaw to buy one, but they said they didn’t sell them any more, and I should go to Best Buy or London Drugs.  The Best Buy guy didn’t know what I was talking about and had to go to a “geek”.  The geek said to buy any HD from Amazon and put it in an eSATA enclosure.  Amazon lists a Western Digital PVR expander which is out of stock with no availability date.  I scoured the shelves at my local London Drugs and they had nothing.


So first, perhaps Shaw should stop recommending Best Buy and London Drugs.


Second, why is it so difficult to find one?  Is it because newer boxes have a built-in HD?


Third, should I go for the advice I see in other threads — get a 1 Tb WD Purple HD and an enclosure?