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Remote Learning Issue

Question asked by blade_27 on Aug 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by blade_27

I've purchased a Yamaha YAS-105 sound bar to go with my TV. Setting it up was a breeze, I was able to do that with the sound bars manual. Now my Arris MP2000 cable box remote was able to "learn" the sound bar though a vary simple process using the cable box remote while the sound bar is set into a "program" mode. With one remote, the cable boxes I was able to operate mute, power, volume up and volume down without any issues.


I upgraded my sound bar to the Yamaha YAS-203. This has the exact same simple learning process to set it up with my cable boxes remote. However I can't set it to remember to turn off or on. Sometimes it works, most of the times it doesn't. Mute, volume up and down work each and every time without fail. I know this should work because it worked with my previous YAS-105 sound bar.


On a rare occasion the TV itself will miss the signal to turn off and the sound bar will turn off. At this point the sound bar will work every time! That's the TV turns ON and the sound bar turns OFF or vise versa and it will continue to do this back and forth until I use the sound bars remote to sync both the TV and the sound bars off or on. So I know the sound bar is receiving the signal from my cable box remote. It just fails to work consistently.


The retailer that I purchased the sound bar from offered to exchange the sound bar and I'm STILL suffering from the same issue. I know this should work because it worked with the first sound bar and with the current sound bar it works when ones off and the other is on.


I'm here now because someone told me that maybe the cable box remote needs a code for it to work properly, which I'm now lost at how to do.