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OutTv HD

Question asked by kylestgodard on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by shaw-tamara

So I noticed that on the FreeRange app, Channel 100, OutTv is available in HD but not on the cable box itself. I was hoping that this means Shaw is working towards soon having OutTv in HD as a regular service and not just through the app, seeing as the app forbids HDMI and AirPlay output.


My second question/concern is, for the time being, the SD channel of OutTv is stretched widthwise. Trust me, I've tried all the settings on my screen and cable box to fix it, but it is a problem with the broadcast itself. All other channels, HD and SD, appear normal and un-stretched. Like every other SD channel, OutTv is broadcast in 4:3 ratio, and like most SD channels, within that 4:3 frame is a smaller 16:9 picture. But with OutTv, within the 4:3 box, the 16:9 picture is more of a 16:7 with it all being squished in. Called tech support and they told me it's just because it is an SD channel. Except that NO other SD channel has this problem.


Also, MTS, Bell and Telus all have OutTv in HD, so I'm hoping Shaw will soon too. Since you guys have great deals and service to begin with.


Sorry, I promise I'm not mad, just a bit confused and frustrated. It's my favourite channel and it looks wonky on my TV.