Intermittent High Ping/Latency

Discussion created by rtsam on Sep 2, 2016
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Signed up for Shaw 150. However was only getting 5Mbit. (although shaw speed tests showed 150), after a month Shaw fixed it. Replaced the Hiltron with the Cisco. However since then... started getting high pings intermittently... would go from 50ms to 200+ every 30 seconds or so.



* This is a ping test every minute... so in reality the issue is more common than the graphs would show.


This is the connection monitored from the NOC at work. On the Sunday at 1:30pm is when shaw swapped modems. You can see the high pings start. Due to either the increase in speed... or the modem. 



I thought, ok maybe the router.... here is last night... (no traffic) for two different routers... a Mikrotik 3011, and a Cisco 891... both exhibit the high pings.



I know what you are saying... maybe it is the connection I am monitoring from... so here is the last hop before my modem....



And my Shaw gateway...



Both flawless. I am guessing this is a common issue... since lots of people seem to be seeing this

based on the forums. This would cause issues with any online gaming and VOIP. Note, did not notice this before the upgrade.