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How can I stop my email from sending spam?

Question asked by arbitraryink on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by albertabluesky

My Shaw email address has been sending spam messages to every email address that has ever emailed me, including do-not-replies and the members of full mailing lists. This has been an ongoing issue for many, many months, but it is getting very frustrating as no one seems to know what to do about it. I have disconnected my email from all apps on my phone and tablet, changed my password multiple times, and scanned all devices for viruses. 


In December 2015, I was locked out of my email. The account holder (my father) was able to change my password so that I could access it again, but since then, spam messages have been sent from my email address to not only my contacts but to the sender of every single email sitting in my inbox. The spam messages went out every couple of weeks despite me changing my password several times. Sometimes the spam would have my name as the sender, sometimes it would have the name of some other person who'd ever emailed me and had a message sitting in my inbox. Every time this happens, I receive 20-30 bounce-back emails, typically from do-not-reply emails that are receiving these messages, on top of the spam that goes through successfully.


At the very beginning of July, the spam message went out to a mailing list of over 200 people, both students and faculty, from my university, under the name of the mailing list. I became aware of this when I received a large number of replies asking to be "unsubscribed", despite the fact that this message was not actually from the mailing list itself. When this happened, I phoned Shaw customer support.

Because I only access my email on three devices - my tablet, my cell phone, and my desktop computer at work - Support recommended that I run virus scans on all three devices and disconnect my account from any of the apps in case that's where the source of the spam had come from. I did this and the virus scans all came back clear. I also had my father change the password to my email once again and he gave it to me verbally. 


After disconnecting my account from my apps, there were no bounce-backs and the problem seemed to have been resolved. Since then, I have only accessed my Shaw email from my desktop computer at work, which is heavily virus-proofed. 


On August 15 and then again on August 30, I received the usual 20-30 bounce-back messages and several texts from actual contacts warning me that it's happening again.


I have been using this email address for 10 years and I have ~3000 unsorted messages in my inbox, any or all of which have been targeted. The spam messages often have my email address but are "from" a different name from somewhere in my inbox. 


If someone from Shaw support would like to reach out to me in a private conversation, I would be happy to provide samples of the spam messages as well as samples of the bounce-back emails. I'm hoping someone can help sort this issue - as I mentioned, I have been using this email address for 10 years and would prefer not to lose it entirely.


Thank you.