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Packet loss after switching to Internet 150

Question asked by joeyp on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by adikajt

I can add and confirm the issue with packet loss when switching from Internet 60 to internet 150.  Speeds are great but guaranteed 2%-3% constant packet loss regardless of IP address / server.  Sometimes will spike up to 6% and I've seen 12%.  The live chat tech also said when pinging my modem he sees packet loss when there shouldn't be any at all.


I have been dealing with this for 2 weeks now, there is no resolution in sight.  Multiple live chats, 2 shaw tech home visits, still having issues with packet loss.


The modem has been replaced twice.  2 x Hitron and now using a cisco.  The modem has been put in bridge mode and we are using our own router.  Packet loss happens when routing outside our home network.  When pinging internal devices such as another PC or router, there is zero packet loss.  When pinging an IP such as shaw's IP there is packet loss.


The 2nd shaw technician visited Wednesday Aug 31st and repeated the troubleshooting steps that I have done to confirm what I found was correct.  He didn't believe me until he was done all his testing. He recommended the cisco modem thinking it was the fix but this didn't fix the issue.  We also bypassed the switch and router.  PC connected directly to modem, this didn't fix the issue.  He also connected the modem directly to the drop box outside the house with a new cable and this didn't fix the issue.  


He said he would put in the request to have maintenance come by the area and have he line from the pole to our house replaced as well.  He said they would be coming by in the next 2 days.  It is now end of day Friday Sep 2nd and no one has visited to replace the cable outside the house.


When we switched to the 150 from the 60 I wouldn't have expected packet loss to be introduced because of it.  Hopefully someone has some insight into this, I have seen a few other customers post about the same issue.