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Cancel Shaw TV service

Question asked by 7825 on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by red90

I just want to confirm something regarding cancellation notice. 


I can call same day and cancel my TV service,  correct? (with no additional fees?) I remember we used to have to call 1 full billing cycle before. 


I'm not locked into any service agreement. I'm aware I will have to return the rented equipment to the Shaw retail location. 


I'm not looking at cutting back my service either. I have basic and 1 theme group and if I was to keep my free rental equipment I have to stay on normal basic,  if I go to skinny basic... I lose those free rentals to my understanding,  so I will just cancel and put up rabbit ears and get uncompressed HD from CTV,  Global and CBC in Winnipeg along with Netflix and/or Crave TV. 


So basically just need to confirm I can cancel same day. I'm looking to cancel September 30 (that's when my promo is done), so If I have to give notice I'd like to know now. 


Also since my account will be overpaid at that point (automatic withdrawals) ... Will they refund me at the retail location or do I have to wait for a cheque in the mail? 


Thanks in advance. 

(I've been happy for the most part with your service... Its just a cost thing and the fact there  isn't individual pick and pay for all channels yet)