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Digital Box -why does the remote stop working?

Question asked by quailstchr on Feb 10, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2013 by afterimage

Well we managed just over 24 hours before unplugging the digital box out of complete frustration. Last night watching a movie and touching nothing but the mute button I went to change the channel and no response. I couldn't get the guide to come up, couldn't do anything except use the mute button or adjust the volume. After 15 minutes of utter frustration and turning on and off and pushing the cable button my son came home and unplugged the cable box, replugged it in and then it worked. The next morning my husband spent half an hour with the same issue. He reset the whole thing and then we figure the tv and box were out of sinc .... we got it all working again and then tonight the same issue. After watching a movie none of the controls would work. Out of utter frustration we unplugged the whole damn thing and have gone back to the old way. If we lose our channels on the 13th so be it ..... we will just cancel the cable. No tv has to be better than a remote that won't respond. And the guide they give you is useless ..... come on Shaw there has to be a better way to upgrade!